Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Receive Birth Control?

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Personally as a legal adult today, feel that my parents do not need to be involved in any of my personal choice at all. It is not up to them to ever tell me as to when or not to do anything. If I felt the need to obtain birth control I should never have to run it by my parents first. It would be my own decision to be on the pill for my own protection not theirs. I for one can say as a teenage I was never given the sex talk from my parents. It never came up not once, all I was told was that I was not allowed to have sex until they were dead. Doesn’t that sound extremely insane? Till they’re death really? I for one was never open with my parents on this personal topic. I felt as if it was never their decision to make in the first place. I would rather keep my personal experience to myself than to ever tell them. Thankfully, I went to schools that gave sex education tied into our normal science class. This was very helpful for me. But not every school believe in educating teens on practicing safe sex. Unfortunately, those are the school that witness a lot of teen pregnancies. Due to the lack instruction major consequences come to girls and the boys who get them pregnant as well. …show more content…
Adults can agree that teenagers are immature, unable to make affective decisions, and react impulsively. This is not true, a teenager wanting to obtain birth control to protect themselves is being responsible. No minor should be considered immature for wanting to purchase contraceptives. Acknowledging the risk that you are taking and using the tools necessary to protect yourself exemplifies your responsibility. In fact, it makes them very opened minded and aware of what can happen if they have sex without any form of contraceptives. No matter how a parent may feel about their child having sex can’t stop them from doing

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