Should Tablets Use A School Environment? Essay

992 Words Nov 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Large numbers of schools have taken the opportunity to attempt to advance the education system by adding technology more into the school environment. From the beginning of clunky projectors to flat-screen televisions in every classroom, technology has played a massive role in the education of younger generations. Now, schools are now looking into the benefits of providing individual students with tablets. Technology often assists in the overall educational process, but the use of tablets, such as iPads, seem to be slowing or even halting that process. Tablets in a school environment can be useful in some scenarios, but more often than not it leads to distractions and other complications. There are multiple advantages to having tablets in the classroom; however, the disadvantages seem to outweigh the benefits. Tablets can provide a level of efficiency for a student 's work by offering a central location for their class work, available research tools, and quick access to information. Apps such as Edmodo attempt create platforms that make it quick and easy to submit assignments, take quizzes and hold documents. These programs are helpful until they lose their efficiency with multiple technical difficulties at every turn. At various schools there is a technology hub where students can visit to check out the problem with their iPads or another device. I often notice that multiple students at a time will leave class in attempts to solve an issue with their assignment.…

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