Destructive Dependency Attend Mainstream Schools Essay

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Should Students with Destructive Tendency Attend Mainstream Public School?
Mrs. Smith’s job is to educate the youth of this society. Her students arrive at school safely with great potential. It is a wonderful day and the students are busy working on their assignments. Suddenly, a pencil box is thrown across the room. Josh has had another episode in which he is upset. He flips over desks. Chairs and books are propelled through the room. Papers are flying everywhere. Anything within his reach has the potential of being launched. Why should irate school-age children have the right to attend public school, when they negatively affect the learning environment? The opposition would focus on the student’s ability of learning to cope in a regular classroom setting. However, there must be consequences to one’s actions. Mrs. Smith wonders what should be done? How would you feel if your child came home divulged he was injured and it wasn’t the first time? Destructive students who attend mainstream classes must be permanently removed from the class when they avert pupils from learning and cause the teacher to lose control of the
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“Safe schools promotes the protection of students from violence, exposure to weapons and threats, theft, bullying, and the sale or use of illegal substances on school grounds. School safety is linked to improved student and school outcomes.” (1) When a student endangers others by acting on their deleterious impulses, the security of the environment is compromised. Educators must remove their pupils and themselves from danger. Once disorderly conduct becomes routine learning takes a back seat and the problem must be rectified. The student is a danger to himself and others. The necessity for additional resources must be implemented for the safety of everyone, including the use of counselors and security, to remove the student by force if

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