Should Students Spend Lots Of Money For Study Abroad? Essay

1051 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Recently, more and more students prefer to study abroad. And a number of international students in the U.S, which is the most attractive destination in the world, has increased 72 percent since 2000. As we know most of undergraduate and postgraduate tuitions are incredibly expensive. Moreover students have to not only afford the tuitions but also the expenditure of living, which make the budget of study abroad become higher. As a result, there is a popular topic that whether students should spend lots of money to study abroad. From my standpoint, every student, who can afford the expenditure, should study abroad because it could be a life-changing experience and bring lots of advantages such as exploring potential creativity, being more independent and improving possibility to find a decent job.
Study abroad is a good opportunity to let students out of their comfort zones because when they live and study in a foreign country, which is far away from their home, they will be in a brand new and unfamiliar circumstances that could be definitely counted as a type of non-comfort zones. And for the sake of students to obtain the benefits of study, they must be out of their comfort zones. In fact, because of our nature everyone loves comfort zones where stress and anxiety could reduce to the minimum, where people can know what will happen next and can easily plan accordingly. However, if students stay in their comfort zones all the time, they will begin to hold themselves back…

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