Should Students Learn From Other Countries? Essay

1040 Words Jul 17th, 2015 5 Pages
Educated has no limit even if you spent whole life studied, you cannot be that person who knows everything; however, we still need to study and research and teach to develop this world where we are living in. Study abroad that students learn from other country by travel, and you can learn from other country without travel as study online, but we cannot called that study abroad. Nowadays, most of students prefer to study abroad than study in their country or study online, it is not because their country poor education or their education has consequence, but they must have one goal which is getting high education. Person who needs to study must have hopeful to be successful. In 2005 Saudi Arabia began scholarship program for students whose scores excellent and very good. When I heard about this program I was fifteen years old in middle school, and I started thinking about it by asked my mother about this idea and she said:" it is early to talk about this but I am sure you can achieve your goal". So it is hard to give me permission because in our culture it is hard to live far from your family. However, that makes me more excited to this idea. While I was studying, I discussed that with my best friend to see if there are positive point more than negative, and how can I avoid that negative things? In the end of our discussed, I decided that I will attend in this program, it was must important reasons are: to be successful in my life, makes my parents proud of me, employment…

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