Essay on Should Students Carry Guns On Campus?

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Should Students be allowed to Carry Guns on Campus?
About twelve states allow concealed guns on campus either in the pocket or in a locked car on the parking lot beside the fact that a number of people get killed in different colleges. Just recently, on October 1, 2015, nine innocent lives were killed and another nine wounded on Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, OR. Campus should be a safe place for students, and they should feel safe when they are going to get an education. However many people argue that guns do not threaten safety. Student should not be allowed to carry a weapon on campus.
There are some people arguing that student should carry gun for these points. First of all, carrying a gun is a constitutional right. The constitution allows the carrying of concealed weapons to citizens and legal residents of the USA. Students are part of the society allowed to do so and they should enjoy the same benefit. In fact, they say, not to allow them is to deny them their constitutional right. Second, students are as responsible as anyone else. Since government send young people to war where they may die in defense of their country, why can’t government trust them to defend themselves in schools? Also school is where people learn, why shouldn’t students learn to use guns with responsibility, and actually carry it as well?” The first is a legal entitlement to self-defense which holds true in the countless other locations within a given state, without the need to demonstrate a…

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