Should Students Be Required to Take a Second Language Course Essay

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A Modern Must A spectacle is happening in today’s society that the world, one hundred years ago, could have never thought possible. Cultural barriers between countries are blurring and are eventually predicted to disappear entirely, forming one, global nation. This process of globalization is due mainly to the rise of modern technologies through the internet and computers. Just a few decades ago, people would have never thought that an international business meeting would be as simple as few clicks of a mouse and a video-call. Now, international trading, as well as many other tasks, is becoming a reality. However, the only thing that might restrain a deal between a start-up American business and a possible Chinese investor is an …show more content…
With all of these benefits for the global economy, it is not hard to see why these countries have welcomed globalization. Money is not the only thing that is being transferred in today’s global economy. Like a pilot fish on a shark, the sharing of cultures comes along with globalization. Since the world is so connected now through technology and trade, many cultures are being mixed together in a global melting pot. This exposes a need for a common language to be spoken between nations. Since language can be crucial to understanding a country’s culture as well as communicating with the citizens of the country, businesses often look for potential employees who are bilingual because they have that advantage over people who are not (Akay). Therefore, if a person learns a second language they can gain an edge in the job market. A second language is key for the modern businessman due to the rise of globalization. Schools around the world realize that language is a necessity for modern workers to be competitive and are adjusting their curriculum to meet these modern needs. For instance, in foreign countries, it is a common practice to first learn their native language and then after that, to

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