Should Students Be Allowed To Skip Senior Year Analysis

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In Katherine Schulten’s 2013 blog post, “Should Students Be Allowed to Skip Senior Year of High School?”, she discusses the options that seniors have when it comes to attending their senior year. She states that although most students attend all four years of their high school, many do not utilize this last year to its full capability. Firstly, she finds that many seniors do not care about their education during their last year and they can be incredibly unproductive. Secondly, she notes that many seniors have a schedule that contains few actual classes. The author believes that some students may be so under scheduled that their senior year is a waste. She states that there are far superior alternatives to the traditional 12th grade experience. …show more content…
She does not seem to take into account all the activities that seniors are pressured to be involved in at this time: clubs, sports, jobs, leadership positions, college classes, independent studies, applying for colleges, these are all incredibly time consuming things that teenagers are expected to do during their senior year of highschool. A second example of the author not believing in seniors having free time during their senior year is when the author states, “Having met their high school graduation requirement, they have choosen, with their parent’s and counselor’s permission, to have late school arrivals, multiple lunch periods and only two or three classes”. While it may seem like teenagers are taking the easy way out their senior year, this may not actually be the case. Often, those few classes that seniors are taking are some of the hardest they will take in high school. Many students choose to take a few AP, CCP, or college prep classes their senior year to help them to be prepared for their college experience. Something else that seniors do with their extra time is to have a job. With late schhol arrivals and

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