Should Student 's Use Their Language Essay

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Should Student’s Use their Language in School? The article “Students’ Right to Their Own Language” provides an argument regarding a resolution arrived at by the Conference on College Composition and Communication Committee (CCCC) concerning students’ dialects. From the article, this became an issue due to an influx of students with foreign dialects in American schools. Thus, the significant argument in the article regarded whether students should uphold language variety, modify or eradicate it altogether. Some scholars assume the existence of “Standard English” forgetting how difficult it is for humans to utilize language. Regardless, linguistics has failed on various fronts concerning explanation of language acquisition and dissemination. Additionally, the article asserts that teachers have been trained on promoting literature appreciation rather than comprehending nature of language, which is true in my opinion. From experience, I second the fact that students discrimination in terms of dialect acquisition rests significantly on their cultural, racial and social origins. Arguably, it is essential for schools to promote student’s pride and diversity, and deal away with differences deriving from the spoken and written American English. In the argument regarding whether students should be allowed their own language in schools, an aspect of language acquisition has been neglected significantly. Consequently, it has been asserted that the position taken by linguistics…

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