Should State Soldiers Be Fighting One? Essay

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I lie flat on my stomach, my ears ringing uncontrollably from the explosion, that blew up the door, as I work the gag around my mouth loose.
I move my head slightly, and moan as spots explode across my vision. I close my eyes, waiting for the pain to pass, then I flip onto my back and clumsily sit up. I blink at the scene around me, and frown as I watch State soldiers fighting each other. What happening?
This doesn’t make any sense, why would State soldiers be fighting one another? Shouldn’t they be trying to keep me and the others from escaping?
The others. How could I have forgotten about them? With a great effort I struggle to my feet, wrist still cuffed behind my back. I have to find them and make sure they’re okay.
I scan the hallway as I walk, searching for any sign of the others, but I can’t find them anywhere. At the sound of gravel crunching under boots, I turn my head to find a man with a bandana over his face and a knife held in his hand.
I open my mouth to scream, but the masked man, sprints forward pinning me against the wall and clamping his free hand over my mouth.
I thrash wildly, but the arm holding me against the wall is too strong, I bite down on one of his fingers.
“Damn!” A rough voice cries.
I throw myself into the man and let out a scream.
“Help me!” I shout.
“Avery, I’m coming.” Alec shouts from somewhere in the hallway.
“I’m over here, please Ale--”
The man’s hands clamps over my mouth again.
“Keep quiet.” The man hisses, “I’m trying to…

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