Should Sports Programs Be Banned? Essay

1340 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
For many parents, the second their child is of walking age, they immediately jump to enroll their young one in a sport. Often times however, parents only enforce this participation in a sport until they become teenagers. Many parents and teens ask the question, “Why are sports in high schools important?” To answer this question simply, sports help to build the skills needed for a lifetime of success. All teens, throughout their high school education, should be required to participate in a sport. Sport involvement has proven to reduce adolescent crime, boost self-confidence, and better grades.
However, some people believe that the cons outweigh the pros when joining a sports program. Cost tends to be the number one reason parents and youth are reluctant to joining a team. Parents often complain that involving their children in highly competitive youth sports teams will open the possibility of traveling long distances and playing in weekend-long tournaments. One article explains, “Sports parents will have to pay for transportation (gas or airfare), hotels, food, tournament fees, backup equipment, home/away uniforms and much more” (“The Pros and Cons”). Being involved on a competitive youth sports team has the potential to become a financial burden for parents. Also teens tend to be reluctant to join a sport because they will have to give up a majority of their free time. Chances are likely that they won’t have time to get too involved in other extracurricular…

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