Should Sports Athletes Be Banned? Essay

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Mark McGwire, one of the players that sparked great interest in baseball, passed the single-season home run record with seventy home runs, the original record was sixty-one. Mark McGwire was a shoo-in to make the Hall of Fame until in 2010, when Mark McGwire admitted that he used PEDs during the 1998 season. The fate is no longer certain and the celebration has stopped. Many fans and critics wonder who is using PEDs and who is not. Today, the world of medicine is improving and although it has a ton of positives it also has some negatives, one of them being that some medicine, PEDs in this case, are easier to get out of the body quicker which means harder to trace. If these new kinds of medicines are being made then why are the policies still the same as before. The sporting authorities are thinking of ways to reduce the use of PEDs, the best option is to make harsher punishments. Although it is fun to watch athletes dominate a sport, sports authorities need to keep athletes from gaining an unfair advantage over other athletes. Any athlete tested positive for PEDs for the first time should be fined and suspended for a season and any athlete that is tests positive for a second time should be banned for life from the sport. These policies will help stop athletes from using PEDs because athletes would be too afraid of the consequences and humiliation.

The history of PEDs goes back into the 1950s when they were first used in sports competitions. Dr. John B. Ziegler, the…

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