Should Society Be Tolerant? Essay

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‘Prolife’ or ‘Prochoice’? Whose views are correct? Should society be tolerant to both? In this essay I am going to discuss the arguments from both sides of the divide and conclude with my personal view. People who have a stance on the ‘prolife’ choice believe that from the minute of conception there is a life and it should have the same human rights as those already born. Those who are of the ‘prochoice’ persuasion believe that the decision to end a pregnancy is down to the woman herself, and no one else.
Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy by the destruction of the egg/foetus before birth. The term is used to define the termination of the pregnancy before the foetus attains the capacity to live life outside of the womb. This is not a new argument that people are having, back in the days of Greek philosophers, Pluto and Aristotle, there were laws passed to ensure any children conceived or born out with wedlock or to women over the age of 40, were to be aborted or killed at birth. Any mother who did not atear to this was shunned and would receive no religious support from the local community. Roman law gave the power completely over to the father of the unborn child allowing him, under family rule, to order his wife to have an abortion. Alternatively, if she chose to do this without his consent he could punish or divorce her on these grounds.
Prolife campaigners believe that every life is exactly that…a life. Life begins at the time of conception and it is…

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