Should Smoking Be Public Places? Essay

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Do you smoke? Do you know someone who does? Today, most people have encountered the unpleasant smell of a cigarette. They understand how hard it is to escape the smell once it is on their clothes. However, most people have no knowledge of what the smell of a cigarette can do to their body. Smoking is more than someone with an addiction. It has become a death sentence. Sadly, those who do not partake in the activity suffer the same consequence as those who do. For instance, children who are around smoke for long periods of time often develop respiratory problems. Years ago, smoking was the cool thing to do, but since discovering its fatal qualities, it has become a major problem within our society. Laws banning smoking in public places were established to protect the health of nonsmokers; however, some believe it is an act of discrimination. In order for a change to occur one must know there is a problem; secondhand smoke is a problem, and until people know the consequences there will never be a change.
Laws banning smoking in public areas will protect non-smokers. Before smoking in public places was against the law, second hand smoke was very popular in common areas. For example, restaurants, beaches, parks, etc. were public locations that allowed smoking. Not only will there be non-smokers, but children can also be found at these locations. Furthermore, children are often exposed to second hand smoke at home; it is very common within apartment buildings.…

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