Essay about Should Smoking Be Outlawed?

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Do you know how popular smoking is? In the mid 1960’s, 58% of men and 28% of women smoked cigarettes(McCarthy 1) Cigarettes continue to affect people’s lives every day My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer this year The hospital where he gets treatments likes to stay positive and not have the patients blame themselves for their situation but most likely, his cancer was caused by smoking At least 80 % of lung cancer cases were caused by smoking The survival rate of lung cancer is just 14 %(McCarthy 1) The doctors say that my dad is perfectly healthy except for the cancer that has moved to his liver When my dad started smoking in the early 1960s, people didn’t know all the harm that would come from it, but as time went on and experts made new discoveries, it was already a habit for him and many others that they just couldn’t quit Now that we’ve become aware of the risks of smoking, cigarettes should be outlawed before anyone else has to suffer through a terrible illness like this Cigarettes have been around for a long time and are very popular despite all the negative effects, which include cancer and even death; it 's time that cigarettes are outlawed

Although cigarettes are very popular, they have many negative effects Cigarettes affect people’s health, the environment, and are a waste of money Tobacco has been smoked for over 2,000 years A tobacco industry was developed and smoking became widespread in the 1700s(BriefHistory 1) In 2004, cigarette production was 55…

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