Essay about Should Smoking Be Legal?

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Smoke Damage
When you were young and watching cartoons you would have come across “the typical cowboy”. Jumping off his horse, he spits out some of his chewing tobacco and looks at his enemy. As the protagonist, he always wins. Next you see the wealthy businessman. He is on the top floor of his very successful business looking over the city. He leans back into his leather chair and lights a cigar he pulled out of a safe full of money that is in his office. Later you see a cop reviewing a case on a long night. Coffee by the scattered files and a still smoking ashtray, full of mostly half smoked cigarettes. Old cartoons show our heroes, and the occasional villain, smoking or using tobacco products. Subliminally these images are telling you “this is how hard workers relax.” Seeing your favorite characters smoke will lead you to believe smoking is not that dangerous. But in copying their habits you don 't realize the damage smoking is doing to your body. Smoking not only damages your health in every stage of life, but is a risk to those around you as well.
The first drag of a cigarette is always the most damaging. You 're introducing your body to not only 4,000 chemicals (Jacobs), but you 're setting these chemicals on fire and breathing them in. Once in, the tar from the cigarette remains in your lungs, causing them to turn from pink to a purplish black color. If you breath it out through your nose you risk damaging the mucous lining. The heat mixed with chemicals of the smoke…

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