Essay on Should Smoking Be Banned Public Places?

798 Words Mar 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Smoking in public places has always been a controversial issue. Many people see it as a bad habit, unattractive, or disgusting. Others see it as a normal everyday thing, and is something that is no big deal. This conflict has started many arguments, and has been a debate country-wide. Should or should not smoking be allowed in public places? Are people who are against public smoking saying that non-smokers of America do not have rights? Or is America all about majority winning? It seems clear that most people have their opinions against smoking, and whether they are for or against it. For those who do not want smoking to be allowed in public places, they should know it does have some positive aspect to the economic side. For example, many countries around the world, like Cuba as well as England consider cigarette as an important product to export many other countries to get money or exchange other commodities. Therefore, they can use that money to invest in some different kinds of fields. Furthermore, selling cigarettes is also an easy job that everyone can do to earn more money, no matter what age that person is. As a result, this can bring some jobs for people and partially solve rate of unemployment. Another reason why smoking can be allowed is that, adults can decide if they would like to smoke in a public place or not, as long as they do not harm others. This is why the issue is not about banning smoking in private place. Passive smokers do choose to breathe in other…

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