Should Sex Trafficking Be A Crime? Essay

1539 Words May 5th, 2016 7 Pages
America is portrayed as a nation that has wealth, hope, and citizens can be anything and do anything; but America is double-sided for it is also perceived as a nation that endorses crime such as drugs, prostitution, and theft, which is made socially acceptable by television, songs, and influential celebrities. Sex trafficking is a crime that happens globally and it is understandable for Americans to accept it, for what we consider where sex slavery still occurs is in third world countries for they are not as wealthy, or as educated as Americans. When hearing the words “sex trafficking” an individual immediately thinks of women and children who are from overseas and brought to the United States to be exploited. Unfortunately, most citizens do not realize is that Americans are being trafficked by Americans.
Sex trafficking is a crime that happens everywhere in America, even near our very homes, this crime goes unnoticed because of how uninformed individuals are about the situation. Numerous people ignore the young women, and girls, who out on the streets late at night because for them it is easier to believe that what they are doing is by their own choice, instead of facing the truth of child sex abuse, physical and mental abuse, and pimps who use their victims for their own benefit. The only way that this unjustifiable act of slavery can end is if individuals know how trafficking works and how it is in fact slavery, the physical and mental abuse inflicted on young women and…

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