Essay on Should Sex Education Be Taught?

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As of October 2015, the Guttmacher Institute, a New York-based research organization, found that twenty-two states and the District of Columbia mandate sex education -- and eighteen require that information on contraception be provided (Toppo). With only twenty-two states and the District of Columbia mandating sex education, so many young adults and students are missing out on the proper education they need to make decisions about their sex lives. The United States is failing these young people by not mandating that sex education be taught. Forty-eight states do not mandate sex education and these kids are growing up to suffer. They are suffering from STD’s, HIV and AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, and more, but this could be changed with a proper mandated education in the United States. Students and young adults need to be aware of what sex education is, the history of sex education and how it has evolved, along with how and why the United States needs to improve the school curriculum to lower young people 's risks of the problems sexual activities can cause. To really gain knowledge on sex education and why it should be mandated in the United States, it is important to first define exactly what it is and understand when education should start. According to Kekla Magoon, author of Sex Education In Schools, “Sex education is the process of gaining knowledge about sexuality, sex, and intimate relationships. It also involves forming opinions and beliefs about what sexual…

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