Should Sex Education Be Taught? Essay

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In recent discussions of sex education, a controversial issue has been whether children and teenagers should be taught sex education or abstinence-only classes. On the one hand, some argue that sex education should be taught to children and teenagers. On the other hand, however, others argue that Abstinence-only classes are a better teaching method. In sum, then, the issue is what form of sex-education is more beneficial to the lives of young people. While some may believe that abstinence-only lessons are a suitable learning method, kids need to be taught sex education in order to have healthier lives. For many parents, they dread the day to come where they have to teach their children about sex, which is usually around before or beginning with puberty, because of the fear of parents that it could potentially lead to the child experimenting with the newly found information. However, if information on sex was gradually given to the child over time then there would be less problems for all parties involved. “The earlier we start talking with children about sexuality, even our very youngest, the better, because that will only increase our chance of continuing the conversation about sexual health with them throughout their growing up years, all the way through puberty and adolescence” (At What Age Should Sex Education Begin?). Robbie H. Harris, a children’s book author, argues that if sex education was taught at an earlier age then it would only benefit in their future.…

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