Should Sex Education Be Taught? Essay examples

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Old Enough
I believe sex education should be taught starting in the fifth grade in order to help prevent or reduce early sexual promiscuity and child sexual abuse, to avoid incidents of pregnancies and diseases, and to discourage intolerance of sexual minorities. All of these issues are associated with mental and physical health complications as well as socioeconomic complexities that are essential knowledge to achieve levels of civic effectiveness that this nation requires of its citizens. Therefore, I propose a sex education program that not only educates in the factual biological processes involved in sexual activity but also in the social, emotional, legal, financial and ethical issues surrounding the matter. In my travels through a few economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in this country, I have personally observed the need for a beneficial program that is powerful, profound, integrative, value-based and stimulating. It is quite disconcerting to see misguided single teenage “baby mamas and daddies” with parents less than about 15 years their senior, children who do not know both parents, young people trading their bodies for drugs, young men going to prison for peddling contraband or committing other crimes to provide for their children, kids proud to have lost their virginity, high school dropout parents jobless depending on the welfare system or employed in dead-end minimum wage jobs, victims of child sexual abuse, and gay or transgender folks bullied,…

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