Essay on Should Sex Education Be Taught At Home?

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Many believe parents do not sufficiently educate their children about the topics of parenting and sex education and feel that schools need to provide teens with training for adulthood and having it mandatory to complete parenting classes. Having such classes and also being required to take a sex education class would help students realize the importance of sex education and being properly trained for parenthood. Parents often believe sexuality, family planning and parenting needs to be taught at home, however, having a sex education class and a parent training class as a required credit in high school would help prevent future child abuse and neglect, gain crucial parenting skills, understanding of child development and help prevent teen pregnancy and STDs, also sex education is beneficial because it educates kids before they get too eager want to “experiment” things on their own.
When children are maltreated it is the most extreme outcome of poor parenting. Maltreatment in children seriously impairs mental health and disrupts development of a child. Having a parent training class in school would be extremely valuable to anyone who plans to become a parent. Not only would this class be useful for high schoolers but Barth and Haskins write in their article, “If U.S. parents had access to services that improve parenting, the nation would witness not only a decline in abuse and neglect – as welcome as that would be – but also a boost in child development for a broad range of…

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