Should Selling Drugs Be Legal? Essay

1391 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
People will do insane things to make money, and becoming a drug dealer is one of those things people would do to make money. On average a drug dealer makes about one thousand dollars a week. All a drug dealer has to do is grow and sell the drugs to make money. Selling drugs could be an easy side job. It may seem pretty nice getting an extra thousand dollars a week for selling drugs, but, the consequences of getting caught are not worth the extra money that comes from selling drugs. According to nidirect government services getting caught selling a class A drug, such as heroin, is seven years in prison and a unmounted fine (2013). Also, getting caught selling a class B drug, such as marijuana, is five years imprisonment and up to a twenty five hundred dollar fine (2013). The penalties that one faces due to their choices, is one that should not be taken lightly. In some cases, people will choose to take the risk of selling drugs and to get that extra thousand dollars a week. Those are the people who end up in prison away from their family and the rest of the world.
The supporters who want to legalize marijuana may say that teens are choosing marijuana over more harmful drugs or substances. In the article, “ Teens at risk” written by Kristen Gwynne states “ teen rates of cigarettes and alcohol use have gone down while the rate of marijuana use has gone up” (2015). Also, the article states that teens are smoking more weed because “they do not perceive it to be as…

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