Should School Vouchers Should Be Legal Essay

749 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
There has been some controversy whether to allow school vouchers that will allow parents to choose the school that their children will attend. This could be both good and bad; because everything is managed by, the government to make the citizen’s life’s easier. If schools become private and parents do not pay their taxes this means that, the government will have little to no say on the children’s education. On the other hand, this would lead to schools to make their standers higher for student to attend their schools. This will both bring the education to another standard and will make it a bit difficult for parents and the children to find the adequate school. The question is if parents should have a total control over the children’s education.
Paying taxes in the United States is a way that people get services from the government both the people help the government by paying taxes and the government helps the people with providing stability. The government hires and provides job to people to do the process of having a school and with that, more jobs are created. When people pay their taxes they just hand the money to the government and the government decides what is best to do with it. The government uses that money to pay schooling bills and hiring teachers. The government takes care of the entire process without bothering the parents. That is why the government gets to set the rules on who goes where and what curriculum is best. If the government had full control over…

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