Should School Uniforms Be Treated Equal? Essay

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Haylee Wilkey
Language Arts
20 December 2016
School Uniforms
How many times have you wanted to be treated equal to all the “cool” kids at your school? Are you sick of standing in their shadow they created for you? This could all end if uniforms were enforced at school. Uniforms are cheaper, decrease crime and increase student safety, and help students focus on their studies instead of their clothes. Uniforms are a good idea and it doesn’t take much work to get them.
To start off, uniforms are much cheaper than your regular school clothes you would buy. After buying a new wardrobe every year for school, People’s budget drops until they can’t afford to buy new clothes. The article, “Should students have to wear school uniforms,” says, “An Aug. 20, 2015 study of uniform cost in the United Kingdom found that uniforms cost parents $128.79 per outfit, while out-of-school outfits averaged $165.79.” When students are limited to one outfit everyday, it is much more cost-effective to but the uniform than to buy 10 outfits every year for school. The uniform outfits are even cheaper than the regular school outfits and you only have to buy one set. A Newsela article, “Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms,” states, “Uniforms were far more common in high-poverty schools than in low-poverty schools.” This is because uniforms don’t cost as much and they are much more affordable when you make barely enough to keep your head above water.
Next, uniforms decrease crime and…

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