Should School Uniforms Be Compulsory For Students? Essay

1459 Words Jun 9th, 2016 null Page
Students should wear uniforms to school. In many schools all over the world, wearing uniform to school is compulsory for students. However, other schools do not implement this rule as a part of the decision from teachers, parents, and students. They think that wearing uniform is not the main concern of education. Instead of that, schools should focus more on the quality of teaching and learning process. Furthermore, they believe that it wastes money for schools to spend on uniform, as the fund the schools can do other things such as buying books for students and doing charities programs. There many bad comments from students and school’s staffs about wearing uniform. According to website text teaching matters, “Most student at South Bronx Prep think that we shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms if we don’t want to. Even Ms. Melara, the assistant principal at our school, said , “I hated uniforms as a kid.” Students do not wear uniform to school will lost a bunch of benefits that they do not know such as their safety, equality, and spirit. So what happen if no any students wear uniform to school? The answer for this is students will not understand and appreciate the value of wearing uniform. Have you ever asked why we should wear uniform to school? Students should wear uniforms to school because uniform helps improve effective time for students, increases students’ safety, and brings the equality to students.

Wearing uniforms helps students get convenient morning time.…

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