Should School Uniforms Be Banned? Essay

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Uniforms have their places where they should be worn; however school is not one of them. Uniforms should only have to be worn at your job and work site, school is an area where children should be allowed to express themselves. Requiring uniforms at school limits the creativity of the students. Due to the lack of allowance for students to wear what they want in private schools their ideals of the world get shaped to fit what the schools want them to believe not how they feel. This is unlike in public schools where the students can be themselves, feel and believe what they want, and not conform to what the school believes. Adopting school uniforms has not been shown to improve either behavior or academic achievement; it is time for schools to abandon them.
In recent years the student’s safety has become one of the top priorities in schools. The uniforms that schools wear are supposed to help with protecting the students from being harmed verbally and physically, however the uniforms “are simply a Band-Aid on the issue of school violence” (Wilde). This shows that the uniforms that the schools have aren’t working to prevent bullying in schools. Also they are in fact in some ways creating more harm for the students that go to the many schools that require them to wear uniforms to school. The uniforms also “make students a target for bullies from other schools” (Wilde) which in no way is what the schools were trying to achieve by making the students wear particular clothes.…

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