Should School Start Times? Essay

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Have you ever noticed yourself or someone you know, at their desk sleeping through class, a puddle of drool leaking onto their desk? Chances are you have. And chances are you thought of them as lazy, hopeless, or just a bad student. However, is it really their fault? Sure They probably were up to late the night before but studies show that teenagers are naturally up later at night. But, WIth some high schools starting at 6:45 in the morning, it 's hard to blame them. Overall student just are not getting the sleep they need to function to the best of their ability. As school’s decide to move their start times up to the wee hours of the morning to accommodate their transportation and after school activity schedule, the real victim is the student, and their lack of sleep. school start times are there to keep everything running in an orderly, predictable fashion. Also, the times have been thoroughly planned out so they are as close to perfect as possible for the particular school or school district. Although, I believe that it is important to incorporate the students sleep schedule into the decision on when to start schools. For this reason I think that the school start time schedules, as they stand now, are less than perfect.
Part of the problem of the school scheduling is that schools create their schedule around sports, clubs, and other after school activities. This is because the schools sports teams take priority over the students sleep schedule. furthermore, almost all…

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