Should School Psychology Be Taught? Essay

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School psychology
School psychologists assist students at all levels, from elementary levels to college. They work along with counsellors and student’s advocates for the well-being and advancement of educational and personal development of students. As a school psychologist, one is expected to listen to students issues and report them to relevant authorities or handle them professionally. A bachelor’s in education, psychology or sociology will prepare one for their graduate school work, but if one had already earned a bachelor’s in another field it’s still fine. One will then need a master’s degree in school psychology, psychology. A specialist degree (EdS) in school psychology is earned through approximately three years of graduate study in education and psychology, followed by a year-long internship.
According to the BLS, between the years 2014 and 2024, job growth for clinical, counselling and school psychologists is estimated at 19 percent. Although competition is strong, job prospects are good for those looking into school psychology careers, partly due to the limited amount of graduates holding school psychology degrees. In addition, the use of psychological services in educational is expanding as society is becoming more aware of the connection between mental health and learning outcomes
Although not a requirement in all states, a National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential is standard for school psychology professionals. Requirements for the NCSP…

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