Should School Lunches Be Banned? Essay

1196 Words Dec 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Lunch is usually the favorite part of some ones day especially during school. Lunch is usually spent with friends socializing with one another while eating. A lot of lunch table conversations talk about the food one is eating, and how good or bad the lunch is. The school lunches in Terre Haute high schools and at Indiana State University are either very unhealthy or undesirable for students to eat. While in high school in Terre Haute eating at school is a choice, but we all know it is unhealthy if one goes all day without eating. Sometimes lunch is the only time students eat all day because they might not get a meal at home. At Indiana State University the food is no better than the food from high school. Individuals have the choice to eat items they buy from the store, but sometimes one wants hot food. The food will not be like the food ones parents make at home. The food is a problem in Terre Haute High Schools and Indiana State because there is not much of a variety to eat from the food is under cooked or overly cooked, and food is being wasted. Although the food is a problem in Terre Haute Schools and Indiana State University, there are solutions to help improve this problem, so I will review the problems and solutions that both the students and school corporation at these schools get their way.
The first problem with the food is sometimes it is not fully cooked or it is over cooked. At Terre Haute South if one was to bite inside of a piece of chicken the inside would…

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