Should School Campuses Enforce Vaccination Rules? Essay example

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Should School Campuses Enforce Vaccination Rules? Anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 people die each year here in the US from flu related causes. I think all school campuses should have rules making certain vaccinations mandatory. Public schools can become breeding grounds for bacterial and viral pathogens that can make students extremely sick. When students do inevitably become sick they miss class which can negatively affect their classroom performance. By simply enforcing vaccination rules in all campuses students and faculty will have less absences and obviously, not get sick as often. Cold and flu epidemics could also decrease. So why exactly should one get a vaccination? First and probably most obvious is the fact that vaccinations are proven to reduce the likelihood of contracting diseases and illnesses and can even reduce the severity of said diseases/illnesses considerably. Noël Merino states in his article “Introduction to Vaccines: At Issue” “Vaccines work by imitating an infection, causing the body to create antibodies to disease, thereby becoming immune to future infection” (Merino). Vaccines are essentially teaching the body to fight off pathogens (illness causing germs). This is the most important step in reducing the likelihood of getting sick and reducing the symptoms that accompany them. Just by getting a little shot the body is taught how to defend itself from intruders. Just like us, our immune system must see what it’s up against to be better prepared to…

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