Should School Be Shut Down Your Screen Week? Essay

1221 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
There has been much discussion on whether our school should take part in “Shut Down Your Screen Week.” While contemplating if this is a good idea or not it is important to take into consideration all the pros and cons of the situation. No great decision is made without going through all of the deciding factors that go into deciding if we should or should not take part in this. First, we are going to go over the good things that technology has provided for us. “Because of cellphones and social media, those we depend on are more accessible today than at any point since we lived in small, village-like settlements.” (Hampton) In today’s society, people are constantly in need of getting ahold of each other. One of the great things about technology in this day and time is that nearly everyone has a cellphone and can get ahold of someone right then and there. Many years ago we did not have cell phones or internet. Communication used to be just talking to other face to face, or sending a letter. With sending a letter, it could have taken days or weeks to get a reply. Another reason technology is important to people is that it allows people to meet other people whom share the same interests. “It’s great to be able to chat and keep up with friends in different states and so easily. Social networking sites have also made it possible to make new friends from around the world.” (Hampton) People whom share the same interests may not always live close to each other. Also, not everyone…

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