Essay about Should School Be An Online Education?

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Position Paper As colleges and universities are attempting to make education accessible to as many people as possible, new light is being shown in regards to securing an online education. Expenses of school are a deterrent to prospective students and often are the deciding factor on whether individuals will pursue their education or not. As an alternative option, schools are offering free courses online through a program called “massive open online courses,” or MOOCs. Nick Anderson explains that “Providers of free online college courses are experimenting with academic security measures that will enable students who successfully complete the courses to obtain credentials, for a small fee, that convey some of the cachet of a premier university” (Anderson). The problems with allowing students to pay a small fee to obtain course credit include academic integrity being compromised, official college degree is unobtainable, and schools with a higher level of prestige will begin to lose out on their previously highly regarded reputation. Students who attend school traditionally show up for class. They see their professors face to face on a weekly basis. When they do classwork or take exams, their professors are there to monitor their progress. Cheating is not necessarily easy to do. With online education, the face to face verbal interaction is lost, however schools that monitor their online degree programs well, provide plenty of opportunities to interact with instructors…

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