Should Same Sex Marriage Make America Healthy? Essay

829 Words Jul 5th, 2015 4 Pages
The question is will same-sex marriage make America Healthy? In my own opinion and reflection on this matter I feel like no it will not make America healthier. I have no problem against anyone who feels a certain way about themselves who wants to be with the same sex. This is dated since biblical times and maybe even before that. Many chapters in the bible cover his topic about those of the same sex. Few scripters are Romans 1: 18- Leviticus 18, 20, Mark 7: 20-23 and so much more. I treat any and every one as a human it does not make them and less of a human. Everyone should be treated with the same respect. I respect anyone because we all have free will and choose our own path. However, I oppose the statement on if same sex marriage will make America healthier. The article does not state how same sex marriage can it make America healthier, it only states a problem amongst a couple and how the problem was liberated once gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states. Congress final decision to legalize this law on June 26, 2015. This event is significant for many reasons, a few weeks before that the all-time star Bruce Jenner story and sex change was trending. The same sex legalize marriage is history and also the beginning of everyone’s rights, law changes, and much more. This event effects many because a lot of people who are gay believes that some of them were born gay (born this way). That it is something that is natural. It is a huge impact psychologically and law wise.…

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