Should Same Sex Marriage Affect Our Life? Essay example

1167 Words Mar 20th, 2015 null Page
Is there true love between two men or women? This question has been around for a very long time causing many controversial debates. In such a modern and freedom society like America, there are various perspectives to look at gay marriage. There are so many opinions about how same sex marriage will affect our life that this issue has always been a rich “land” for journalists and reporters to dig in. Most of elders or religious people consider same sex wedding is a sin which goes against The Bible, while the new generation views it as a way to express your true self and be happy with whoever you are. Since media is the easiest way to collect information and knowledge, American seems to build their belief and political status on what they hear and see on newspapers, television or internets nowadays. It is enviably for such large resources not have any errors or bias which will lead to argument and misunderstood in between us. In two different articles which discuss about a same event: the Presbyterian Church, for the first time in history, accepts same sex marriage in their constitutions, FOX news and Los Angeles Times have expressed their favors about the topic through what to show and how to show it to the readers.
When not even really read the articles, the choice of using words in the titles can tell us what side the reporters taking. Since the title is usually bond printed with bigger size and darker color, it is the first thing that attracts readers’ curiosity. The Los…

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