Essay about Should Repeat Sex Offenders Face Capital Punishment?

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Should repeat sex offenders face capital punishment? Because, the most severe punishment for a repeat sex offender is one year in county jail or life in prison. However, it all depends on the nature of the crime committed. Sex offenders are eligible for the death penalty which is considered too harsh to some and a growing pain for others. Furthermore, In Hilary Hylton’s article “Death Penalty for Child Molesters”, she stated that, “25-year prison terms and life electronic monitoring for sex offenders, and since its passage in May 2005 42 states and Congress have implemented or are considering their own very similar laws”. Speaking about this represents the punishment that is instilled when a sex offender commits a sex offense. Although, the death penalty would be considered cruel, unusual and or immoral under the eighth amendment, some still agree that the death penalty should be instilled whether it seems too harsh or not.
Indeed, many people believe that “the death penalty is inherently immoral, racially discriminatory, arbitrary and ineffective” (Green). Though, most of the inmates that are up for execution are either “non-white” (Green) or just plain innocent. The death penalty could be done either by lethal injection, which is the number one method today, but there are also many more excruciating methods as well. Additionally, the death penalty is “the inherent immorality of killing another human being, and the painful deaths experienced by those executed” (Green). Much…

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