Should Religion Cause War? Essay

777 Words Jan 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Given the vast choices we have on this assignment, I have struggled to pick just one. Even picking just three is stressing my brain out to the point of just playing “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo”.

A topic that caught my eye rather quickly was the question of if religion causes war. Of course, my opinion is one of strong emotion, but that is for later on. This topic is one that should, though it’s not, be a topic on every world inhabitants mind right now. Today the war ensuing over practices of religion is hitting closer to home than most ever thought possible. Islam has now been turned from a sacred worship to a rallying cry for blood and vengeance. Some choose to remain ignorant and make it all about race while others are able to fully open their eyes and see that any race, color, shape, size, or species can practice Islam and practice it with true intent of honoring a God they see so divine. As a southern American it’s easy to evaluate race tensions on a daily basis, easy and impossible to ignore. This topic draws me in because I think it’s easy for one to stay in their comfort zone and only make assumptions—using less brain power to do so—something psychologists say people do daily to improve our lives. No matter what side you take, this topic is one that I believe is worth discussing.

The next topic I believe is worth mentions is “Philosophy should be a mandatory course in high school” I love philosophy, I will say that right off the bat. I’m currently struggling to decide…

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