Should Public Schools Be Legal? Essays

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Growing up in a broken home with a single mother that work two jobs and have five kids is a burdensome. Being the oldest child I am forced to take care of my younger siblings as if they were mine. Sometimes I wish I was not born into this shenanigans that was created. As a child, I imagined myself having a plethora of friends and becoming a socialite, but reality hit me when my mother started having more children. The more children my mother conceived it seemed the more problems I had to endure in school. This lead to me having to stay home and obtaining my high school diploma at home. Staying home trying to pursue my diploma has become beneficial to my social life in many ways such as, not worrying about what’s the latest fashion, I am able to stay focused on my work, and I am still able to join sports and clubs. Public schools are a hindrance to a child’s education since in a public school if your child has distinct needs the curriculum are not very flexible and the class sizes often make it challenging for a student to receive one-on-one assistance; therefore, home schooling should be considered for a better effective education gain with a flexible curriculum for the child, and when being home schooled many distractions are eliminated.
In a public school if your child has distinct needs the curriculum isn 't very flexible. As the author stated, “Having a set curriculum can be great because you know your child is going to learn certain things but it also can be hard for…

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