Should Prostitution Be Legalized? Essay

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Legalizing Prostitution When it comes to the topic of legalizing prostitution, most of us would readily agree that this is a highly debatable and fragile topic where both men and women’s freedom of choice on their sexuality. Mark Liberator writer of “Prostitution Should be Legalized” states that the role of the government either republican or democrat is to help the country fix the issues they’ll face. Democrats insist that the government is designed to protect the people by designing public safety and healthcare programs. While on the other hand, republicans believed in freedom of choice to take action in providing citizens with the opportunities of education and healthcare as well. Although the government just wants to provide guidance, some may argue that the government has no right to decide their sexual life, even if it involves money. (1) When engaging in this topic, one cannot ignore the positive and negative effects of legalizing prostitution. My personal view on this topic would be that prostitution should be legalized because it will help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. Also by legalizing it would create a safe word environment for the consumer. Violence and human trafficking has been proven to reduce as well. Legal Prostitution can be a source of tax revenue. Since illegal Prostitution businesses in America pay no taxes, the State and county governments would gain a great amount of profit from this industry. The Baltimore Examiner wrote “Legalizing…

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