Should Prostitution Be Illegal? Essay

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In many countries, prostitution is illegal. Even in the U.S, which is such an advanced country, prostitution is only legal in eleven counties in Nevada. However, the Final Report on the Evaluation of the First Offender Prostitution Program, prepared by Michael Shively, et al., shows that fifteen to twenty percent of men in the U.S have engaged in commercial sex at least one time (10). According to the United States Census in 2010, there are 151,781,326 males in the U.S, so approximately 22.767 million to 30.356 million men have spent money on prostitution. Such a high number of men shows that the demand is existing even if it is illegal. The reason behind prostitution being illegal is that people claim that prostitution is unethical because women’s bodies should not be sold as a product, just like it is illegal and unethical to sell human beings’ organs, blood, etc. However, prostitutes do not really sell their bodies. As a more correct way to say, they just use their bodies to provide a kind of a service. This research is going to illustrate a different perspective of prostitution and argue that prostitution should be regarded as ethical and a normal job.

Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale
Even though the business market is quite liberal, some things can never be sold, no matter whether it being from the legal or ethical side, for instance, human’s organs, blood, bonded labor and child labor. Satz claims that we should not buy and sell goods when the…

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