Should Professional Athletes Recover From Injuries? Essay

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High school is almost over and my plan to join the workforce is rapidly approaching; So I can earn a decent amount of money so I may save for my college tuition I am already working at Garden Deli. This is not my dream job however. I hope to go to Ab -Tech for nursing, then continue to Lenoir-Rhyne University for a major in Athletic Training. I’ve always wanted to join the medical field because it’s a clean and sanitary job; Also I would love to help professional athletes recover from injuries. Athletic trainers have a big role in the performance of most athletes. They specialize in treating and caring for muscle and bone injuries; they also have to make sure to try to prevent these types of injuries. Usually trainers help either colleges or pro teams come up with fitness and exercise routines. Salary depends on the the size of the company but the median salary is around
$41,043 annually (“North Carolina Colleges Offering a Major in Athletic Training/Trainer.”) Considering what these trainers do that’s honestly incredible that they get paid that much. It seems to me like it would be a really fun and tedious job. I think the biggest benefits would be the hours and the visual aspect of seeing the hard work I have put into an athlete and seeing them thrive and prosper. The required education is a bachelor’s degree, but most move on to a graduate degree. This job requires a lot of hands on training, to learn about how to handle different situations and…

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