Essay on Should Professional Athletes Be Overpaid?

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Within the United States culture there are many different opportunities for entertainment. A few entertainment purposes, there are books, all kinds of racing, movies, shopping, and then there are sports. Americans focus on several different types of sports from college, professional, and high school athletics. Professional athletics usually get more attention and earn more money than the other types of sports. Since these athletes get paid so much it should be certain that they would not miss a shot, make errors, and should win games all the time because that is why they are there, just to win. People look up to the pro athletes as role models, even the more less fortunate that actually work hard to put food on the table. Professional athletes are paid too much in comparison to the work required because they do not put forth enough effort.
One of the reasons why professional athletes are overpaid is because they do not work as long hours, like regular jobs(Hayes). Every sport has a season. Professional baseball starts in the spring. Pitchers and catchers report a week early than all the other position players to spring training to get there arms loosened up good. Baseball starts in the spring and goes into October for only the teams that advance on to the playoffs. The two thousand and sixteen professional basketball season started on October, 27th. The finals will be over the first week of June. With providing these examples they state that these athletes do not work five…

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