Should Prison Be Treated? Essay example

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Also, prisoners get little care in prison (bad food, little health care, etc.) The food is really bad, but they have no choice but to eat it. Some get medical help, but most of the time not as fast as they need it. "How much of a security risk could a terminally ill, physically weak 65-year-old man really pose?" (Allison and Hattenstone 2013). Michael Tyrrell, 65, was sentenced to 29 years in prison for drug smuggling. He served 13 years because he passed away from throat cancer. Even when he was sick and barely capable to move, a prison guard was there and he was handcuffed and chained to the guard. Michael is one out of many prisoners who do not get the care and treatment they deserve. No matter how old you are or how sick you are, you get no sympathy in prison and you would not get the special treatment you need to survive. “A reasonable case can be made that jail food should be kind of gross, but what it shouldn’t be is rotten, maggot-infested, pulled out of the trash, specked with rat turds, or tainted in some manner” (Katz 2015). If they are not already sick, prisoners can easily get sick just by eating the type of food they serve in prison. Prisoners may be bad people, but they still are humans who cannot be forgotten about.
Also prison inmates have been treated very cruel by police officers. Though prisoners are not treated like slaves anymore, many police guards in certain prisons treat the inmates badly and easily get away with it. “A state prison inmate died July…

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