Essay on Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?

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Should police officers wear body cameras?
Investigation of crime can be easily shortened and maintained by officers wearing body cameras. Crime is everywhere but every crime will not be resolved. With aid from the established technology we have, there can be change. Whether the crime is ‘police brutality’ or criminal intent to law enforcement, our community should invest body cameras to maintain safety for all. Body cameras should be worn to focus solely on the lives of people in the community and for the safety of police officers as well . As a result of doing so, many studies have shown that after body cameras have been worn, less violence has occurred.
On camera, people tend to act differently. Either they act disorderly or decide to behave. Whichever way they decide to act, it is still caught on camera and the resource is able to be retrieved and examined. A September 2015 study published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology used a controlled experiment with the Mesa Police Department in Arizona to come to a conclusion about how body cameras influence the difference in behavior between citizens and police interaction. The study consisted of 100 sworn patrol officers. 50 of the officers were required to wear body cameras to determine the difference. The trial lasted from November 1, 2012-October 1, 2013, giving 11 months of data to research on. This study proves that people act differently on camera and that having body cameras would hold the officers accountable…

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