Should Police Officers Be Equipped With A Body Camera? Essay

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6. Fieldstadt, E. (2014, November 26). Should Every Police Officer be outfitted with a body
Camera? In NBC NEWS. Retrieved June 28, 2015, from
Fieldstadt, 2014, -in this report Fieldstadt reports with hopes to help the inquirer to demand and vote for the need of body cameras for all law enforcement. Fieldstadt infer that in order to stop excessive force by the police discretionary decision there must be evidence which proves the discretion of the law enforcer is impaired. Fieldstadt comes to this conclusion after the discretionary, excessive force towards Michael brown in Ferguson. Fieldstadt reports due to the many versions of what happened between Michael brown the FBI sees fabrication of evidence as a possibility invoke the color of law. Police officers being outfitted with body cameras will demise the fabrication of key witnesses and the discretionary decision to use excessive force towards unprotected citizens. Fieldstadt report in this article that there are many undisclosed video from cell phones which have unearth the true intention of the law officer and put to silence many false witnesses. In reference, to Murray et al, Staten Island man dies after NYPD cop puts him in chokehold. Murray et al, reports that it was a video camera which gave the American citizen indignation to demand administrative reform. Also, Fieldstadt, reports within this article a…

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