Should Police Be Forced For Wear Body Cameras While On Duty? Essay

1160 Words Mar 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Mike Brown, teen, shot and killed by policemen. Eric Garner, a husband and father, killed by policemen Sandra Bland, a women of character; leader in her community, killed by policemen. All these people are some of many killed by policemen in past years. The situation between race and policemen has took a turn for the worse in America. Some say that police are taking their rights and abusing them. To stop this on-going problem, we needed to find a way to show the truth and what was thought to have happened. They brought up cameras. Should policemen be forced to wear body cameras while on duty? Proponents claim that to reduce the amount of violence, especially racial violence, police should be forced to wear a body camera. A camera would allow, the jury and judge to see exactly what happened. This could reduce the amount of violence. In 2013, the University of Cambridge conducted a study and found that, “both police and respondents are less likely to use violence” if the policemen wears a camera. (UniversityofCambridge). This study indicated a drop in use of force by more than a 50 percent.” Requiring cameras helps benefit not only the community but as well as the officers. Allowing cameras on the officers are of the community because, when these cameras are being worn the community can see that not all police are bad people. This would reduce hatred for police. In this generation a lot of people are of the mindset that, the police are the enemy. The American Civil Liberties…

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