Should Plastic Surgery Be A? Essay

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Teenagers 18 and under are taking advantage of their bodies every day. Plastic surgery advocates argue that it is astonishing how many girls want plastic surgery. Opponents and I against teenagers being to clueless point out the risk that teens are too young and their bodies are still growing. Psychiatrist argue that plastic surgery only fixes the outside appearance while most teenage girls swear that fixing the outer appearance will make them feel happy inside. Deciding whether to undergo surgery as a teenager has many pros and cons and must be taken very seriously.

Bullying is such a major issue in schools today that teenagers, girls and boys, are willing to go under the knife to fit in. For example many children suffer from a cleft lip or deformities and in this case plastic surgery would very much be appropriate. A major technique used in plastic surgery is grafting, the transplanting or implanting of living tissue from one part of the body to another, or from one person to another, with the expectation that the tissue will adhere and grow to replace a missing part. Plastic surgery will help those who are missing parts receive parts that others have. (“Plastic Surgery”).

Another example would be teenage obesity in which case girls that do not have the typical look that society puts out might feel like hurting or starving themselves to make teens fit in. By allowing young girls to fix their weight this will decrease the way adolescents destroy their health.


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