Should Physician Assisted Suicide? Essay example

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Should Physicians be allowed to assist in patient suicide?
Physician or doctor-assisted suicide has been one of the most debated issues in the last few years. Physician assisted suicide when a doctor supports a fatally sick or immobilized person to take their own life, either by consuming drug or advises on what way to practice to do suicide with. There are many ethical and moral opinions regarding physician-assisted suicide. Some of the opinions and arguments are based on religious approach and some are based on medical ethics. It can be said that the fatally sick and immobilized person must not be supported to commit suicide and take their own life by any means. However, it is against the rules of medical ethics for a physician to support the suicide of a patient.
According to Marcia Angell, doctor’s main responsibility is to value the patient admiration and to dismiss grief and misery, and even if occasionally means supporting in a patient’s death. She says that “Assisted suicide is a form of killing, which is always wrong. In contrast, withdrawing life-sustaining treatment simply allows the disease to take its course”. She has the opinion that assisted suicide is illogical as euthanasia can be practiced without the patient 's involvement, she oppose its support. Moreover, she says that suicide is not required if all pain of the patient exposed and if the doctor or physician is fully skilled and concerned. She says that support suicide would be a danger to economy and…

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