Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Supported? Essay

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Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Supported?
Is physician assisted suicide an appropriate solution for terminal illnesses? Jonathan believed that is was only necessary that he got to plan his death. Jonathan, a successful man, "...had coped with the tremendous emotional and physical burdens of living with HIV and liver disease" ("Jonathan" 1). Jonathan went through endless amounts of turmoil and unfortunate circumstances, but always managed to push through in order to experience another day. Adding to his struggles, "Jonathan had AIDS, but it was end-stage liver failure that accelerated his death. Because he was HIV positive, Jonathan wasn 't eligible for a transplant" (1). Over time, Jonathan 's health deteriorated due to not being capable of receiving a new liver. The liver condition had effects on Jonathan 's brain, "...and would cause extreme confusion, leaving him incapacitated. He became extremely lethargic and disoriented, unable to tell time or use a telephone" (1). Due to the effects on his brain, Jonathan was soon put on a medication, Enulose, that caused him to have chronic diarrhea. His close friend Marty felt that " was horrible for Jonathan" (1). Jonathan was no longer capable of having an enjoyable, full quality life. He had come to a decision, "Jonathan wanted to discuss assisted suicide with his physician..." (2). Jonathan had come to the conclusion that his life was not worth living if he was constantly in agony, so he was seeking help to end it. At…

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