Should Pet Friendly Businesses Become More Popular Than Best?

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If you want to do something memorable and fun on a date, or with someone special in your life, but don 't want to leave your pooch at home, bring him or her with! Taking your dog with you on a date with someone new, or with someone you 're in a long-term relationship with, can be a very fun and rewarding experience for both you, and your pet. A major advantage to bringing your dog with you on a date is that a pet can make a really great ice breaker by taking the focus off of being on a date, and focusing on the silly things your dog does. Bringing your pet also gives you plenty of conversation starters, and many stories to share. Pet-friendly businesses are becoming more popular than ever, so your options for fun are endless. Some ideas include: dog friendly beaches, indoor and outdoor cafes, and yes, even some bars and nightclubs have set aside "yappy hour" for people to mingle with their dogs. Finding a place to bring your date and your pooch, which can create a combination of both fun and romance can be found in many outdoor places, and even a few indoor places including: walking through a nature preserve or the woods, going to a local dog park, or visiting a pet friendly restaurant. All of these places can be great ways to bring some adventure and play into your time together, especially if you both have a dog to bring with on the date. Not only does bringing your dog with you on a date create instant fun and adventure, but it can also create a romantic backdrop when…

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